Romantic Cities and Martin Luther

Romantic Cities and Martin Luther - For Worms the celebrations to mark 500 years since the Reformation are only a warm-up to a major anniversary.


For Worms the celebrations to mark 500 years since the Reformation are only a warm-up to a major anniversary. 2021 will see the 500th anniversary of the "Diet of Worms" (1521), when Martin Luther had to defend his 95 theses before the emperor in the shadows of Worms Cathedral. In memory of this, the world's biggest Reformation Monument can be marvelled at in Worms, along with the international Reformation Monument in Geneva.


In the Mainz"Gutenberg Museum visitors can experience how it was possible for Martin Luther's 95 theses to spread so far into the country so fast. Today's internet used to be the printing press. Johannes Gutenberg and his invention of letterpress printing made the Reformation a media revolution as well. The American journal "Atlantic" appointed a jury of 12 scientists from different disciplines 3 years ago, and had them vote on which of man's inventions had been the most important since the invention of the wheel. An overwhelming majority ranked the printing press number 1. Today, Johannes Gutenberg is more than merely the "inventor of letterpress printing" for many people. He is also a media revolutionist. His counterpart in the digital world is Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who invented the World Wide Web in 1991. It was a printing press as the first real mass medium that made the Reformation possible in the first place, since it was the start of being able to store, sort, disseminate and call up knowledge.


Speyer is where the Protestant religious movement  had its origins. Nineteen Protestant princes and cities defied the imperial ban imposed on Martin Luther. This was determined by the Reichstag (Diet of Speyer) in 1526, which put Speyer in the focus of German history , since this is where princes were ultimately able to decide on the question of faith.


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