Attractions in Idar-Oberstein

The cradle of worldwide gemstone manufacturing waiting to be experienced.

Old part of town

Small but nice - the old part of Oberstein.  This is where life vibrates in a cosy atmosphere. The presence of the extensive history of Idar-Oberstein is unparalleled. Numerous tourist attractions, many small, cosy jewellery shops, and restaurants to enjoy good food  help visitors forget the hectic of daily life.


Bosselstein Castle and Oberstein Castle

They sit enthroned high up above the historical suburb of Oberstein. The ruin of Bosselstein Castle, built by the misters von Stein , was named for the first time in 1197.  Nobody has lived in the castle since 1600, and it went to ruin. Oberstein Castle was built around 1320. The castle was originally a double-storey defence turret, preventing access through the gate which was additionally protected by a drop shaft.


Historical Weiherschleife

Once the precious stones had been mined, they were subjected to traditional processing.  In the historical Weiherschleife of 1634, the last waterwheel-driven grinding machine on the Idarbach, the  grinders demonstrate how gemstones were processed in past centuries.


German Mineral Museum

The German Mineral Museum is located at the foot of the Church in the Rock, on the old market place in Oberstein. Visitors will find everything that makes Idar-Oberstein popular and famous here. The most renowned mineral collections, traditional hand-crafting by local engravers, goldsmiths and silversmiths and the most beautiful "crystal hall" in Germany can be admired here.



The Felsenkirche (church in the rocks) is one of Idar-Oberstein's most popular tourist attractions. Legend has it that it was penance after the Knight of the Upper Rock had murdered his brother that prompted the construction of the unique Felsenkirche in the period from 1482 to 1484.


German Gemstone Museum

The "colourful" German Gemstone Museum is located in the suburb of Idar.  Visitors can marvel at more than 10,000 exhibits of all the gemstones in the world. From raw and polished stones to artistically created sculptures and  engravings - the diversity in the German Gemstone Museum is most impressive.


A world of gemstone experience

Mystical caves show magical light and colour effects, gurgling springs and a fiery, glowing volcano.


Gemstone mines in Steinkaulenberg

Idar-Oberstein is the city of precious stones.  Why?  The gemstone mines in Steinkaulenberg  Stones such as amethyst, rock crystal, jasper, agate and jasper were mined until around 1870.  Today the gemstone mines are frequented by amateur mineralogists and gemstone enthusiasts from all over the world. The visitors' tunnel takes them through the mines at around 400 metres.


Jakob Bengel Industrial Heritage Monument

In the Jakob Bengel chain and jewellery factory visitors are taken back to the times when the company produced mechanically, from 1870 to 1990. The machines are in operation, reproducing the method of working and the technical procedures.


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