Discovering the area between the Rhine and Moselle

"Deutsches Eck" (German Corner), the symbol of the city, is an excellent place to start your tour.

This is where the Moselle flows into the Rhine under the watchful eye of Kaiser Wilhelm I, whose bronze equestrian statue sits in splendour atop 100 stone steps.

Koblenz is not just a place where two great rivers come together; it is also a meeting point for people, and has been since Roman times. Evidence of the city's 2,000 year old history confronts you at every turn. Immediately behind the Kaiser is the oldest of Koblenz's churches, the St. Kastor basilica, which was built in the 9th century outside the walls of Koblenz. Stroll along the banks of the Moselle, where cruise liners berth, and then wander through the picturesque lanes of the old part of town, up to Florinsmarkt, with the Church of St. Florin.

From here, all roads lead to the Church of Our beloved Lady and its beautiful baroque onion domes. Your tour continues across the square and through the area known as Entenpfuhl to Jesuitenplatz. Through the portal of the former Jesuit college and the current town hall you come to a pretty inner courtyard and the Schängelbrunnen fountain. The Forum Confluentes Cultural Centre awaits you at the refurbished Zentralplatz. A building, in itself an object of architectural art, which will be home to the Romanticum, the new interactive experience exhibition of Rhine romanticism, the Middle Rhine Museum and the Public Library from July 2013. Past the municipal theater and across Deinhardplatz, headquarters of the Deinhard sekt producer, you come to the Electoral Palace and the Rhine Parks.

On the opposite bank of the Rhine the massive Fortress Ehrenbreitstein rises up from the rocks 118 metres above the river. Turn your journey there into a small adventure. Cross the Rhine high up in the cable car or cross the river by ferry and take the inclined lift up to the stronghold. Experience an unforgettable panoramic view of the city, hills, river valleys ... and if there is enough time and if weather conditions are right, round your experience off with a scintillating sunset.

If you enjoyed your short ferry trip and would like to spend more time on the water, we recommend a river cruise - a classic way to experience the romance of the Rhine. Several companies offer cruises on the Moselle and the Rhine along the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a UNESCO World Heritage site, which stretches 65km upriver to Rüdesheim.

When visiting Koblenz, a visit to the Forum Confluentes is a must - a cultural centre opened in the centre of Koblenz in mid-2013 and unequalled thanks to its cosmopolitan architecture. Inside the building, visitors can look forward to the Romanticum, a new interactive experience exhibition on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage and on the myth of the Rhine.


  • The new cable car over the Rhine (P!EL Media)
  • Schängel-Fountain
  • The old town
  • The old town
  • Castle Stolzenfels
  • Castle Marksburg
  • Electoral Palace (Gauls)
  • Culinary delights at the Pegelhaus
  • Rhine in flames
  • Rhine river cruise with Fortress Ehrenbreitstein in the background (P!EL Media)
  • Moselle at night (P!EL Media)

The exhibition has been set up as a  voyage on an historical Rhine steamer, for visitors to experience fascinating legends, to stand in front of stunning castles and discover the bizarre rocky landscapes of the World Cultural Heritage from Deutsche Eck (German Corner) to the Loreley. Besides the Romanticum, Forum Confluentes is also home to the Middle Rhine Museum, the public library and the main tourist information centre.

Picturesque little villages, vineyards and forests decorate the banks of the river and, every now and then, you cam spy an ancient building reaching out from amid the greenery.  The Upper Middle Rhine Valley has 40 (!) castles and palaces. One particular highlight is Marksburg Castle near Braubach, which has remained virtually intact since the Middle Ages. In Koblenz itself, Stolzenfels Castle is a perfect example of early Romanticism on the Rhine. Even the climb up to it is something of an experience; from the Stolzenfels area of the city, the path snakes up to the castle through a wooded gorge, past a rock grotto with a waterfall and underneath a viaduct.
If you want to see the world-famous Loreley, you have to continue your journey as far as St. Goarshausen. This is the home of the fabled rock where, according to legend, a beautiful water-nymph combed her golden hair and lured sailors to a watery grave with her beguiling song…

There are plenty of wine bars and restaurants in Koblenz where you can stop for a drink or a bite to eat to keep you going . Proximity to the major wine-growing areas of the Middle Rhine and Moselle means you can be sure of a drop of the good stuff.

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