Where the Moselle meets the Rhine

The city has changed its appearance in many ways since hosting a most successful Federal Horticultural Show. The impressive landscape of the "Upper Middle Rhine Valley" UNESCO world cultural heritage and the relics of the history of Koblenz going back more than 2,000 years are once again a worthy incentive for a trip to Koblenz. Learn about and experience the myth of the Upper Middle Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage during a visit to the Romanticum, the new interactive experience on Rhine romanticism which has been nominated for the 2014 German Tourism Award. The Romanticum exhibition is on show in the "Forum Confluentes", a building already considered to be an architectural masterpiece today. In addition to this, the spectacular cable car running from world-famous Deutsche Eck up to Ehrenbreitstein stronghold will continue to attract visitors until 2026!

Koblenz is buzzing this summer with over 3000 events between April and October. For example theHorizonte Festival in the summer starts and features both activities for children as well as performances by international artists, providing entertainment well into the night. Once in Koblenz, don't miss the opportunity to visit the producer of sparkling wine, “Deinhard”, which also has its own restaurant in the city center.

At the Deutsches Eck, the world-famous German Corner, where the winding paths of the Rhine and Moselle rivers meet, nestles Koblenz, one of Germany’s most beautiful towns and the ideal starting point for exciting excursions into the Upper Middle Rhine Valley, a Unesco World Heritage site. The history of this 2000-year-old town spans the Romans, Celts, Franks and Merovingians up to modern times. This rich culture, the fresh local cuisine, the uncomplicated warmth of the Rhinelanders and the exquisite Rhine and Moselle wines all characterize the unique flair of this town.

A stroll through Koblenz’s old town and up to the Kaiser Wilhelm Monument at the Deutsches Eck is a living history lesson. Hop on a ferry across the Rhine to the spectacular Ehrenbreitstein fortress. Cruise along the Rhine from Koblenz to the legendary Lorelei Rock, a classic "Rhine romance" experience. Then explore the world of art in the many museums, experience culture through the town theater and cabarets and shop in the petite boutiques and large malls. After so many activities you will need a little refreshment, for which a glass of the delicious, prickly, regional sparkling Riesling wine will do the trick.

Find out more about the newest attraction in Koblenz!

Portrait of the city

This might await you!

Koblenz in 24 hours

Koblenz in 24 hours

Evidence of the city's 2,000 year old history confronts you at every turn.



The mighty Ehrenbreitstein Fortress reigns over the settlement, providing an arresting view over both rivers and the town itself.

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