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Round Trip Romance & Emperors / the facination of gemstones

Emperor Constantine the Great, champion of Christianity in the Roman Age, had Trier build as his imperial seat in the 4th century AD. Visit Idar-Oberstein to experience thefascinating world of top-class gemstones in all their facets. The cathedral of Speyer is the final resting place of four kings and four emperors.


Round Trip Romance & World Heritage

The six Romantic Cities are home to three of the four world heritage sites in Rhineland-Palatinate: The Roman monuments, cathedral and Church of Our Lady in Trier, the Upper Middle Rhine Valley near Koblenz and the cathedral in Speyer.


Round Trip Romance & Wine

In Mainz descend into the world´s deepest cellar at the Kupferberg sekt winery! Sekt from Koblenz was very popular in the 19th century among wealthy merchants and the nobility. Wine meets religion in Trier: The Bischöfliche Weingüter estates are among the best-known producers of fine wines among the international cognoscenti. Neustadt an der Weinstraße: The name says it all! Located on the German Wine Route and a central starting point in the second-largest wine-growing region in Germany, Neustadt has the right wine for any taste.


Round Trip Romance & Religion

These cathedrals are truly breathtaking - miracles in stone, all with amazing architecture, a wealth of history and plenty of fascinating stories waiting to be discovered. Take time to appreciate their calming atmosphere, soothing tranquillity and solemn grandeur.


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