It would be hard to find a city of this size in Germany which has as much to offer as Speyer. This may be why Speyer was third in the choice of Germany's most lo/ivable small- and medium-sized towns made by users of the German hotel portal Hotel.de in 2015. The main attraction is the Kaiserdom, the Imperial Cathedral, which has been a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site since 1981.

Technical museum

The museum features a variety of technological masterpieces which can be found nowhere else. Apart from the large collection of aircraft, classic cars, locomotives and fire engines, other highlights include an original BURAN spaceshuttle, the largest space flight exhibition in Europe, a Boeing 747 Jumbo Jet, the submarine U9, a former German Navy submarine and a gigantic Russian Antonov AN-22 cargo plane.


Collections and artifacts from the Stone Age to the present can be viewed, as well as the Cathedral Treasure, the Wine Museum and various exhibitions.


The main city gate (Altpörtel)

This is one of the tallest and most important city gates in Germany. Its lower sections were constructed between 1230 and 1250. One can enjoy a fantastic view from the top storey. 


The Jewish Court

Established before 1128, this is the oldest Mikwe (bath complex  for ritual cleansing) of its kind in Germany. It has an approximately 33-feet-deep well. The eastern wall of the adjacent men’s and women’s synagogue are also in good condition. 

The cathedral

This Romanesque basilica was founded by Emperor Conrad II in 1030. It is one of the largest and most impressive Romanesque edifices in Germany. The size of its tall arcades outmeasures all other structures built in the 11th century. The crypt deserves special attention as it is preserved in its almost unaltered original condition. The Cathedral contains the tombs of eight German emperors and kings, as well as several bishops. In 1981, the church building was added to the UNESCO list of World Cultural Heritage.


Maximilian Street

Also called `via triumphalis´, this street forms the center of the town and connects the cathedral and the main city gate. Beautiful buildings in Romanesque and Rococo style invite you to go for a stroll or do a little shopping, all while enjoying Speyer's Mediterranean atmosphere.


The Trinity Church

This church was constructed as a Lutheran church between the years 1701and 1717. It was modelled after St. Katherine’s church in Frankfurt. Its interior has a richly painted, vaulted, wooden ceiling and remarkable wood carvings on the pulpit, the altar and in the galleries.

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