Germany's centre of ancient Roman history

To this day, the colossal Porta Nigra town gate (UNESCO world heritage) still marks the largest Roman metropolis north of the Alps. In the historical old town of Trier, hundreds of years of architectural history blend together with trendy cafés and cozy wine taverns to create a captivating atmosphere.

It’s impossible to overlook the manifold historical aspects of Trier, a city built by the Romans and famous for buildings like the Porta Nigra, Trier Cathedral and the Imperial Baths (UNESCO world heritage). History and modern technology are combined at the Roman Archaeological Museum in the thrilling staging of "In the Realm of the Shades". It displays large Roman funerary monuments and wall areas with modern ambient production, making for a magical tour back in time (in German, English and French). A further historical journey can be made in the “Frankenturm” tower house, newly opened for group guided tours. Trier is one of the four cities recognized by the German Wine Institute and boasts Germany’s oldest wine cellar, “Weingut der Vereinigten Hospitien”.

Sparkling moments are guaranteed in Trier since it is Germany’s sparkling wine-making capital! The Petrisberg above the Roman amphitheatre is the perfect location to enjoy a picturesque sunset. The panoramic view from St. Mary’s Column down to the sun-drenched Moselle river is matchless for romantic evenings. Stylish candlelight dinners await you in the restaurants that line the Moselle river and a plethora of excellent meals and wines are to be found within the historic walls of the vineyards. 

9 UNESCO world heritage sites are located in Trier! From the end of July (2015) one shouldn't miss the new visitors' pedestrian bridge with a new forecourt in the Barbara Baths. At 9 different stations the visitor can learn more about the gorgeous facilities and the bath service during Roman times.



Tourist Information Trier

A summer day in Trier

Nothing you really expect!

Trier in 24 hours

Trier in 24 hours

Time travel included!



Discover the “Rome” of the North.

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