The Romantic Cities mobilise/move you

Rich culture within easy reach, culinary temptations at almost every corner, quiet but not slumbering: the Romantic Cities in Rhineland-Palatinate are well worth a visit! Centrally located in Germany and therefore ideally connected, these diverse cities are affordable destinations for short trips. They are also the perfect point of departure for journeys to popular neighbouring regions such as the Black Forest, Alsace or Luxembourg. The Almond Blossom Festival in Neustadt-Gimmeldingen, located on the German Wine Route, which traditionally opens the wine-festival season, always attracts many people to the cities between the Rhine and the Moselle. Their close proximity to the birthplace of the bicycle in 1817 makes the Romantic Cities the perfect location for celebrating the 200th anniversary with enjoyable themed trips. So, as Goethe said so well in Götz von Berlichingen, “On to Speyer!” where the Palatinate starts to resemble Italy and where an eventful round trip characterised by Mediterranean charm can begin.


Raise your glasses and celebrate, preferably at the open-air musical event Porta³ on the penultimate weekend of June! According to a recent study by the online travel platform TravelBird , Porta Nigra, a landmark of Germany’s oldest city, is the 18th most published German landmark on Instagram. Visitors can learn more about the ‘secret of the Porta Nigra’ during a special guided tour. A centurion in gleaming parade armour takes visitors back to the days when Rome ruled the world and the emperor in Trier determined the fortunes of the empire. Suddenly, spectators are plunged into those turbulent times – and not just as passive observers! The Romans also brought wine to Trier, an event commemorated by the wine festivals in the districts of Zurlauben on the Moselle promenade (7–10 July) and Olewig (4–7 August), with live music and culinary specialities, every summer.

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