Wine at the Cathedral: new trade show in Speyer as a showcase for Palatinate wine

The historical town centre of Speyer will become the heart of the Palatinate wine world in April. On 13 and 14 April 2013 the "Wein am Dom (Wine at the Cathedral). The Palatinate Wine Forum" event will be held all around the Kaiserdom (Imperial Cathedral). Two to three thousand visitors are expected.

More than 100 Palatinate enterprises will be presenting the treasures they store in their cellars. "Wein am Dom" is a "showcase for Palatinate wine" and is backed by the renowned Palatinate viticulture groups. These organisations - the Association of Palatinate Cooperatives, Vinissima, Bioland, Ecovin, the Palatinate Barrique Forum and the Association of German Quality-Tested Wineries (VDP) - are involved in planning the new event together with Pfalzwein and the Chamber of Agriculture, and they will present themselves in Speyer.
The heart of the presentation is the inner courtyard of the historical museum, where the Rhineland-Palatinate Chamber of Agriculture presents itself and the award-winning enterprises. Visitors to the event can also visit the exhibition in the Wine Museum free of charge.
The wine farms will also be presenting their products in Friedrich-Spee-Haus, the former parish premises of the Bishop, in the historic city council hall and in the Flachsgasse cultural courtyard.
The new exhibition is to be supplemented with a number of support events, for example those in Speyer catering facilities.  or 


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