The town of the Nibelung Saga

A spectacular city on the Rhine, predominantly characterised by the Songs of the Nibelung heroes and the reformer Martin Luther. In 2021 the 500-year anniversary of the Reichstag will be remembered in his honour. This is where Luther defended his theses to Kaiser Karl V. In line with this event, the greatest Reformation Monument in the world is also to be found in Worms.

Worms is a town made for heroes. With every step, visitors to Worms encounter the Nibelung myth of love, pride and pugnacity. If you enjoy being on the water, be sure to board a Rhine steamer and perhaps you will find the legendary Rhine gold of the Nibelungs. If you prefer an aerial view, take off in a hot air balloon and float over the Rhine Valley! Land lovers can take a pleasant walk through the gentle hills of the vineyards. Follow the footsteps of Saint Jacob, for example, whose pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela in Spain began here.

When the sun slowly sets in the evening, the town of Worms is bathed in a very special glow. The narrow and winding medieval alleyways are irresistibly inviting with the festively lit cathedral and numerous monuments. The Rhine laps softly onto the banks of the city while locals and visitors alike can get acquainted in the cozy bars and wine taverns and enjoy a romantic end to a perfect day.

Worms in 24 hours

Worms in 24 hours

From sagas to sunken treasures.



The history of Worms was very much influenced by the heroes of the Song of the Nibelungs and the great reformer Martin Luther.

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