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Neustadt/Weinstrasse in 24 hours - half timber style & wine at its finest

Neustadt an der Weinstrassee - welcome to the heart of the Palatinate where Germany starts to turn into Italy! Do you only have 24 hours? Don't worry! Get a first impression of Neustadt/Weinstrasse with our suggestions how to use your limited time and come back later. It's worth it!

Welcome to Germany's secret wine capital

Right in the heart of the Palatinate, in an ocean of vines, at the gates to the Pfälzerwald Nature Park (UNESCO) lies Neustadt an der Weinstraße and its nine wine villages. The historical market place is the centre of Germany‘s secret wine capital. It is surrounded by the Town Hall, old, stylishly restored half-timber constructions and the Gothic Collegiate Church, which is the city‘s landmark and has the biggest cast iron bell in the world, and remarkable, newly discovered frescoes. Wine bars invite visitors to take a seat outside and move closer together inside and enjoy a glass of classy Palatinate Riesling or elegant Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir).

A short trip to the past

Wolfsburg Castle: The castle of the people of Neustadt was a fortified outpost in the middle of the forest; Hambach Castle is the cradle of German democracy. In between, on the Haardt peripheral, the famous wine estates of the German wine route, the oldest tourist route in Germany.



Neustadt addresses all your senses

Your senses are all addressed in Neustadt an der Weinstraße: hearing Palatinate sounds, a „pop“ when a cork slides out of a bottle of elegant wine estate sparkling wine or wine. In the distance the whistle of the Cuckoo Railway steam engine sounds as it makes its way to romantic Elmstein Valley with its three-castle circular trail.

Smell, taste and fell it!

Irresistible Neustadt fragrances, such as vineyard peach, apple, vanilla or red grapefruit in the wines produced from the different grapes; aromatic forest air and the fragrance of almond and chestnut blossoms. In the evening Pfälzer Saumagen, stuffed pig‘s stomach, sizzles in the pan, giving off an aroma to whet your appetite. Tasting: Classy Riesling, elegant Pinot Blanc, expressive Pinot Noir – the diverse flavours of Palatinate wines or of hand-shaken wine estate sparkling wine invite you to go on a journey of discovery. With Palatinate asparagus a Silvaner, with Palatinate fresh market food an elegant Pinot Blanc: Neustadt specialities to tickle your palate – in the house of wine.

Neustadt an der Weinstraße feels good! When red and yellow sandstone walls have stored the warmth radiated during the day, it‘s good to still sit outside in the eventing. Following the course of the stream barefoot over springy forest soil in the cool Pfälzerwald Nature Park on a hot summer‘s day... feels good!

Views of Neustadt

Views into romantic narrow alleys and winemakers inns in the historical town centre, extensive views over a sea of pink blossoms when the almond trees bloom and across the rows of colourful vines in autumn. Views of Neustadt – a treat for the eyes...

Experience one of Neustadt's wine festivals

Experience Neustadt an der Weinstraße and its wine villages with all your senses. Wine and wine-growing characterise the landscape, but they also characterise the mindset and zest for life of the people who enjoy living here: this is where the almond trees may blossom as early as in February, and where figs, kiwis and chestnuts ripen, which means that fun-loving locals celebrate a wine festival somewhere in the Palatinate nearly every weekend from March to November. The first festival is the Gimmelding Almond Blossom Festival, and the highlight of the wine festival season is the German Wine Harvest Festival, which has the biggest vintage festival pageant in Germany.

Discover the surroundings

The cittaslow network offers fast connections in all four directions, to Deidesheim, Speyer, Heidelberg, St. Martin, and Elmstein Valley and to Mainz, Karlsruhe, and Wissembourg and Strasbourg in the Alsace region.

Get your guide!

The annual travel magazine LebensART has a handy guide with the most important tourist attractions on the Mittelhaardt Wine Route for anyone wishing to take a holiday on the German Wine Route (also available in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch).